Do you trust your branded products partner to deliver when it counts?

  • Dec 18, 2020

In June of 2020 colleges and universities across the country were putting together detailed plans for how they could safely return to in-person classes in the Fall. In addition to spacing out students in classrooms, adding hand sanitizer stations across campus and a host of other safety measures, school administrators were also wanting to provide safety kits to all students, faculty and staff. Contents of the safety kits varied from campus to campus, but often included face masks, sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. 


The challenge many schools faced was: who could they trust to successfully source all the products they wanted, put them into individual kits and deliver them in time for the start of the school year? Companies across the country had shifted their focus to providing PPE products, but many of them didn’t have reliable supply chains. Hand sanitizer was out of stock everywhere. You couldn’t find a high quality mask at an affordable price anywhere. These were easy issues for Synergy to overcome because we started custom making masks in April and had an overseas source for sanitizer. 


West Virginia University and South Dakota State University both had long standing relationships with Synergy Imports and reached out to discuss a variety of safety kit options that also included products like Safe Touch Tools and Thermometers. After identifying the desired products, both schools wanted all of the products kitted into some sort of bag, but they didn’t like the options available domestically. Synergy leveraged its international resources and had a factory custom make a high quality zipper pouch in school colors with the school’s logo printed on the front. It was the perfect finishing touch. Throughout the entire process Synergy was able to update their clients with real time information on the project’s status. In the end Synergy successfully kitted and delivered 63,000 kits to these two schools. 


Large scale products require extra care, attention and transparency. Let us know if you want to share the same confidence we do in having your products produced correctly and delivered on time.

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